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Real Living 101

Real Living believes that the agent is the center of the real estate transactions, so we have provided you with convenient, web-based new agent training that you can complete anywhere, anytime.

Real Living 101 consists of basic, online real estate training sessions, incorporating our best sales practices and use of our dynamic and powerful tools. When you take advantage of Real Living’s classes, tools, services, and manager guidance, your real estate success can be unlimited!

You have successfully completed your State’s requirements to become licensed. Now, you will learn the nuts and bolts of the real estate business—how to find buyers and sellers who want to move, how to complete a transactions, and how to build your future business.

Module 1: Welcome to Real Living

This module introduces you to the Real Living brand and value proposition. We tour highlights of the consumer experience and introduce you to Real Living 360 Service, our industry-leading customer satisfaction philosophy.

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Module 2: Agent Power Planning

Working as an agent, you probably have a good idea what you will earn from each sale. However, do you know what you actually invest in time and money to earn your commission? Agent Power Planning will help you discover the actual cost for your successful transactions, and help you plan the activities and expenditures needed to meet your income goals.

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Module 3: Seller Presentation

The Real Living Seller Presentation is your resource to customize and deliver a polished, professional seller presentation. Using PowerPoint to edit the presentation gives each seller a personalized experience with you, your company, and Real Living Real Estate. The Seller Presentation with its Tutorial and User Guide talking points help you confidently deliver a polished presentation. Using the Best Practice tips for customizing your presentation, rehearsing your delivery, and listening to your sellers, will help to ensure the sellers sign with you.

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Module 4: Prospecting

Prospecting is building relationships in order to create business and increase your income. Do you know how to attract enough prospects to reach one successful closing? This Prospecting course will help you discover activities to attract the potential clients, or prospects, needed to meet your income goals.

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Module 5: Handling Objections

Learn the proven Real Living strategy to handle the objections that crop up in your real estate business. Completing this course, you will have a solution framework for effectively handling objections with confidence. You will be able to remain cool and calm when facing common objections, such as listing price or commission rates, with skills to help you win more listings and close more sales.

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Real Living 360 ServiceSM

Real Living 360 Service is Real Living’s exclusive program to deliver customers a measurably superior and highly satisfying service experience.


Real Living offers live, monthly Real Living 360 Service Foundation Training classes in our Virtual Classroom. You can enroll from the Learning Center Training Calendar by clicking on the class icon, or by going to the Live Webinars page and enrolling there.

As a result of attending this training, you will:
  • Earn your Real Living 360 Service certification
  • Understand why Real Living 360 Service was created
  • Learn the 5 tenets of Real Living 360 Service
  • Identify tools to help you uncover the client’s needs and goals
  • Review the Real Living 360 Service Guarantee and Commitment
  • Understand the customer satisfaction survey process and how it helps you to convert more prospects and to create a higher level of customer service

Marketing Materials

Real Living 360 Service uses a variety of materials to provide information and communication to your customers. Flyers and card materials are available in Market Advantage. Buyer and Seller Presentation PowerPoints are available in your Business Center > Marketing > Presentations & Ads. Please see the download links below for your Analysis documents for both Buyers and Sellers.


Quick Start Guides

Your Real Living Agent ID is used as your Real Living 360 Service ID number. Please see our Quick Reference Guide for instructions to find your Real Living Agent ID number in your Business Center.


Quick Reference Guides (QRGs)


Quality Service Certification® Training

Quality Service Certification (QSC) / is a Real Living preferred supplier ensuring you have the customer feedback to maintain your place in Real Living’s industry-leading satisfaction rating. QSC is our service provider for customer surveys and customer satisfaction rating tools that support our Real Living 360 Service program.

Take the Quality Service Certification® training and as an option, earn the QSC designation. Become one of the elite 1-2% of real estate professionals who are willing to have their customer satisfaction record publicly available. Take the online course to explore the tenants of service in real estate through the consumer’s eyes. Gain the QSC designation and demonstrate your commitment to the industry’s highest standard of service.

Real Living Real Estate has partnered with QSC to provide this training for you at no additional cost. This covers the Quality Service Certification, the QSC designation, annual renewal fee and the reinstatement fee for Real Living agents that previously held the QSC Designation.

Benefits of the QSC designation include the following:
  • Consumer Websites: Additional exposure to share contact and returned survey data at the consumer websites and
  • Marketing Materials: Access and personalize marketing materials for use in presentation packages, open house leave behind materials, professional website, etc.
  • QReports™: Insight on how to use the QReports™ to create your personal road map to success
  • Awards & Recognition: Earn awards recognizing the highest levels of service and customer satisfaction in the real estate industry
Begin your Quality Service Certification course!

Website Administration

Website Administration is a series of four classes presented in our Virtual Classroom to introduce you to all aspects of the custom website page editing functions. We finish the series with the construction of a Community Page for your website using the tools you&apos've learned in the previous three modules.

Program Materials

Website Administration tools are covered in the Web Administration Quick Reference Guides and are broken down by tool.

Recorded Webinars

Recruiting for Profitability

Recruiting for Profitability is a series of web-based training courses created for Real Living brokers, managers and recruiters to assist them in creating a recruiting program they can quickly implement within their markets. Each module builds upon the other and provides participants a pathway to create recruiting success.

Module 1: Recruiting Readiness

This is a basic module for new brokers, managers, and recruiters that may have no experience with recruiting. Experienced recruiters may begin with Module 2: Your Recruiting Value Proposition.

In this module, recruiters will assess their recruiting readiness and identify action steps they can take to improve. They will set a recruiting goal based on profitability and production goals and identify and prioritize recruits based on their business needs and goal.

Enroll in Recruiting for Profitability Module 1 - Recruiting Readiness

Module 2: Your Recruiting Value Proposition

In this module, recruiters will create a recruiting value proposition outlining their own competitive advantages and advantages of their company and Real Living. They will review characteristics of various agent production and generational groups, and apply their completed value proposition to effectively reach and connect with targeted recruits.

Enroll in Recruiting for Profitability Module 2 - Your Recruiting Value Proposition

Module 3: Prospecting for Recruits

In this module, recruiters will determine the number of daily, weekly and monthly contacts needed to meet their recruiting goals. They will design and implement a variety of planned recruiting activities designed to get them in front of their recruits, secure more appointments and interviews.

Enroll in Recruiting for Profitability Module 3 - Prospecting for Recruits

Module 4: The Interview

One of the most important skills needed in recruiting agents is the ability to conduct a beneficial interview. The interview is the activity that determines whether or not you hire an agent and whether or not that agent, in turn, selects you. This module focuses on the recruiting interview and provides a process to follow when interviewing a potential candidate in order to achieve the best results.

Enroll in Recruiting for Profitability Module 4 - The Interview

12-Week Plan for Success

The 12 Week Plan for Success is a turn-key weekly coaching and accountability system that focuses on prospecting activities and related Real Living tools to help agents build a contact database of contacts with the goal of obtaining two units of business (a listing taken, listing sold and/or buyer-controlled sale) within the first 12 weeks of joining your company. Having a clear path to introduce agents to the tools and systems offered by your company and Real Living is essential to their success.

Program Materials

The Partner Guide provides suggested language for the accountability partner in red italics to assist in holding weekly coaching sessions with agents. The Participant Guide contains the step- by-step activities the agent will follow each week. The Weekly Tracker is the tool agents will use to track weekly activity and report results.


Agent Power Planning

These are the materials for brokerages to present the Agent Power Planning course using their own training staff. The course is available to agents at any time as a Web-Based Training course "Real Living 101 Module 2 - Agent Power Planning".

Agents probably have a good idea what they will earn from each sale. However, do they know what they actually invest in time and money to earn their commission? Agent Power Planning will help them discover the actual cost for their successful transactions, and helps them plan the activities and expenditures needed to meet their income goals.

Program Materials

The course materials include the PowerPoint presentation, Workbooks, and spreadsheets used with the Agent Power Planning course.

  • Agent Power Planning PowerPoint Presentation
    The PowerPoint will help guide you through the forms and calculations used in the program.
  • Agent's Power Planning Workbook
    This handout will be used by the Agent to demonstrate the calculations and forms used in the program.
  • Accountability Partner's Power Planning Workbook
    This handout is for the Agent's Accountability Partner. The Accountability Partner will work together with the agent to ensure the plan is followed and to help them adjust the plan as necessary.
  • Agent Power Planning Excel Worksheets
    This Excel file has all the forms you need for the program with formulas pre-built into the spreadsheets to maximize efficiency and minimize headaches and mathematical errors. Use this file to easily adjust your numbers to see what the outcome will be as you manipulate the variables.
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