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Real Living is proud to offer you the Learning Center Coaching Portal - making it easy for you to locate a coach to assist you in building your business. 

Some of the benefits of hiring a professional coach include:

  • Resources and ideas of an impartial, experienced real estate practitioner who can guide you through real estate marketing challenges
  • Tools, products and services to create a successful plan designed specifically for your market and business
  • An accountability partner to hold you accountable to your business goals and tasks.

It takes time for coaching to be effective in increasing your business. Your coach will be ready and willing to take the necessary time to identify issues and respond. It's important to realize there is no "magic bullet" for success and those agents who follow their coach’s proven system are the most likely to succeed.

Note: Agents who are interested in hiring a coach should question the potential coach to make sure they are satisfied with the costs, procedures, topics and projected outcomes before hiring him or her. Results are individual. Real Living cannot make any guarantees regarding your success from coaching.

Bill Fields - All Star Coaching

Buffini & Company

Debbie De Grote's EXCELLEUM® Coaching & Consulting

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