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Welcome to the Referral Channel rCertified℠ Designation. The rCertified designation and curriculum is designed for referral and relocation leaders as well as real estate sales professionals who would like to gain a comprehensive understanding of, and a level of expertise in handling, business opportunities from various referral channels, where a referral fee may be involved.


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"In Their Shoes": We currently have an excellent video and Facilitator’s Guide from Plus Relocation in Minneapolis, MN. The video, entitled, “In Their Shoes”, is available for a limited time and is an ideal accompaniment to Module Three of our curriculum: Key Relocation Homesale Programs and IRS Tax Implications. You can view it individually or show it during a company or team meeting until February of 2018. Here is a brief description:

The relocation journey can bring an ebb and flow of excitement, anticipation, confusion, frustration, and fear. Step into the shoes of a relocating family and experience the journey through their eyes. As you are faced with these real-life scenarios, challenge yourself to find more genuine ways to connect and come alongside individuals in their relocation journey.



In Their Shoes

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If you have questions, concerns or comments on referrals, relocation or the rCertified℠ curriculum, please contact us.

Mary T. Kelly
CRB, CRP, CIPS, gCertified℠
Director, Referral Channel Development
O:  949-794- 4726  C:  415-246-9316
Sue Giardino
CRP, gCertified℠
Manager, Referral Channel Development
O:  949-794- 4728  C:  224-900-0279
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