Real Living Learning Center - Coaches: Bill Fields

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing themselves...

Change is not a question of ability. Bill Fields Learning Systems will provide you the inspiration, motivation and education to discover your true potential and boost your personal and professional performance.

Bill Fields

Master real estate coach, trainer, motivator and cancer survivor, Bill Fields is one of those rare individuals who actually does what he talks about and he has the resume to prove it. As a practitioner, not just an "expert", peers and audiences recognize Bill's subject matter and knowledge as the most current, intense and practical of anyone in the industry today. Bill's extensive industry knowledge combined with his real life humor and enthusiasm guarantee programs that are always inspirational and informative.

Clients are drawn to Bill because of his unique ability to develop and deliver practical solutions that specifically address the complex needs of an organization or individual in today's competitive business environment. His strength is in providing simple strategies that enable people to establish and pursue goals and objectives with confidence and clarity. With his own experiences as a guide, Bill also consulted with other top producing sales professionals, industry leaders, peak performing athletes,and top performers of other industry's to find out what the keys to success really are.

Recorded Webinars

The most successful businesses are built on a strong foundation of basic strategies and the right daily activities. Nothing demonstrates better the measure of our performance than a real estate business that does three things: Generates leads, captures leads, and of course, converting leads into successful sales. Join Bill as he shares the latest ideas, tools and techniques for maximizing your business development. A don't miss program for anyone who wants to double their number of transactions.

Does your office have profitability, staffing, retention or morale problems. Are you interested in making more money from your real estate business, spending less time doing it, and enjoying your life more? All of your problems and challenges can be solved by implementing an effective, results oriented agent recruiting program, and we can help you.